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Missions are part of the whole game. You participate in missions to become a warrior. There are three sets of missions: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Below are the list of missions in the categories. To get a mission, leave a comment below saying which mission you want. An admin will check the comments often and send you the mission. This is so a new user doesn't accidentally download an Expert Mission.



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1st mission

(fuzzystorm625, 2010-10-16 22:03)

does anyone know a good 1st mission (not the example!)?

Re: 1st mission

(fuzzystorm625, 2010-10-16 22:12)



(bluepaw, 2010-08-17 01:58)

may i have an intermediate mission.

do admin ever actuakky check this and give missions?

(no name, 2010-08-10 07:38)


Beginner to intermediate

(holly, 2010-08-10 07:35)

im just looking for any misson


(hawktalon, 2010-07-29 15:04)

Can I please have an intermidiate mission?

Re: plz?

(HawkTalon, 2010-07-29 15:06)

Actually, can I have them all? I have played a lot before so I am good. I could use all of them as I am out of missions to play.


(a smith, 2010-07-17 15:03)

can i have a beginner mission


(justinbkay, 2010-07-01 03:12)

Beginner please!

Re: asd

(justinbkay, 2010-07-01 03:16)

i changed my mind... i dont want to get one


(adam, 2010-06-10 03:38)

can I have every mission?


(Giancarlo, 2010-06-08 00:49)

Can I have a beginner mission?

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